Open Lab Athens along with DAEM, Municipality of Athens organized the co-design phase of the CO3 project for Athens. The goal of the this process was to map the main stakeholders and their needs and co-design services that utilize the technologies provided by the CO3 consortium.

For this purpose Open Lab Athens and DAEM:

  • Visited social services of the Municipality of Athens
  • Visited social initiatives in Athens such as “Mirmigi” Social Center, “Steps” NGO, “Allo Antropos”
  • Organized two co-design workshops in Serafeio Center on 4 and 10 June 2019

In the co-design workshops participated more than 25 participants representing different types of stakeholders such as municipality employees and executives, social workers, citizens participating in social initiatives, academics, technology experts. We were able to incorporate different views on the co-design process regarding basic social necessities: food, housing, health. The co-design process was prepared by LINKS Foundation and contextualized for Athens by Open Lab Athens and DAEM. Through this process we were able to co-design pilot services that will be implemented during the course of the project in Athens. The next step is to work on the technical requirements of these pilot and provide them to the technical partners and also prepare an engagement plan in order to promote the pilot services to their respective stakeholders.