Online Learning and Solidarity: A demanding brain-teaser

An article from Vasilis Vlachokyriakos and Christos Yovanopoulos, about the challenges posed to Solidarity Schools because of pandemic and how they responded to the condition of combining distance learning and solidarity, has been published in the daily greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton”. The article presents the difficulties and the problematics which education faced during lockdowns, […]

by Open Lab Athens • 10 November 2021

Developing a board game about empty buildings, community infrastructures and the dialogue between stakeholders

In the context of the European H2020 project CO3 the research team of Open Lab Athens develops a board role-playing game about empty buildings, community infrastructure and the dialogue between different stakeholders in a city. Our basic goal through this procedure is to support a pilot deployment of an application and service which provides citizens […]

by Open Lab Athens • 1 June 2021

UX Research to Improve IRIS SMS

Professor Maria Rousou and researcher dr.Katerina El Raheb from the Informatics department of the University of Athens have undertaken in cooperation with Open Lab Athens UX research to improve Iris SMS system trough interviews, focus groups and workshops.

by Open Lab Athens • 28 May 2020

Online Lessons from Solidarity Schools

With the support of Open Lab Athens, Mesopotamia Solidarity School is able to provide online lesson during the Covid19 crises.

by Open Lab Athens • 24 March 2020