Community Infrastructuring with the Volunteer Forest Protection Team – NLAB4CIT

The Volunteer Forest Protection Team (VFPT) of the Municipality of Kesariani has a long history during the last decades on the protection of Hymettus forest. It is a self-organized team of citizens (70-120 persons) who every year offer their free time in order to protect the forest in the summer months with basic support with […]

by Open Lab Athens • 15 July 2023

Reviving the Memory in the Municipality of Kesariani – NLAB4CIT

On Wednesday 3rd of May, in terms of NLAB4CIT project, OLA in collaboration with the Municipality of Kesariani, conducted a workshop with high school students based on the historical archive of the city. The research approach was based on the following 4 phases: 1. Exploring the historical archive of the Municipality Ιdentification of primary historical […]

by Open Lab Athens • 7 May 2023

From vacant to collective. From temporary to permanent

From vacant to collective. From temporary to permanent was a roundtable discussion on temporary uses and the potentials of approaching urban voids as community resources. It took place in the NTUA School of Architecture in Athens on 6th of March with the participation of Maxime Zait, lawyer, researcher for DOMINA project and co-founder of COMMUNA […]

by Open Lab Athens • 2 April 2023

Online Learning and Solidarity: A demanding brain-teaser

An article from Vasilis Vlachokyriakos and Christos Yovanopoulos, about the challenges posed to Solidarity Schools because of pandemic and how they responded to the condition of combining distance learning and solidarity, has been published in the daily greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton”. The article presents the difficulties and the problematics which education faced during lockdowns, […]

by Open Lab Athens • 10 November 2021