Digital disruptive technologies to co-create, co-produce and co-manage public services along with citizens

CO3 is a three years participatory and interdisciplinary H2020 project starting in January 2019, led by University of Torino and consisting of academic and research groups along with municipal entities. The project aims at building an analytical framework for studying the potential benefits and risks of new disruptive technologies (e.g. distribute ledgers, augmented reality, geolocation in social networking, decision- making systems and gamification) and their potential to foster the co-creation, co- production and co-management of open public services. The project aims to properly evaluate their social impact, identify emerging best practices, understand how to overcome legal barriers, individuate metrics for a long-term sustainability plan and define appropriate applications. Pilot studies will be applied in three sites (Athens, Turin, Paris).

More specifically, the consortium identified the following challenges and objectives:

1. Contrasting the EU crisis in public service provision with participatory methods and commons practices through a partnership between public authorities and citizens;
2. The utilisation of disruptive technologies to transform public services in ways that meaningfully include citizens in the service creation, delivery and management.
3. The utilisation of digital platforms incorporating participatory incentives and gamification elements as a stimulus to boost public engagement and participation.


  • Universita Degli Studi Di Torino (Coordinator)
  • Flexiguided
  • Unit(8)
  • Open Lab Athens
  • DAEM (IT company of municipality of Athens)
  • LINKS foundation
  • Geomotion Games
  • Fundacio Universitaria Balmes
  • Comune Di Torino
  • Institut De Recherche Et D’innovation (Paris)

Learn more by visiting the project’s website.