I am currently a Lecturer of Digital Civics at Newcastle University and the coordinator of Open Lab Athens. As a lecturer, I teach Computing Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Civics related modules. My previous research projects have involved a set of experiments into participatory methods in digital systems. As part of this research agenda, and through the work of Open Lab Athens, I am the principal investigator of the H2020 “Generative European Commons Living Lab” (Ge.CO Living Lab) at Newcastle University (with Clara Crivellaro) and of the H2020 “Digital Disruptive Technologies to co-create, co-produce and co-manage Open Public Services” (CO3) project.

In general, my work centres on designing, developing and evaluating novel, digitally-enabled models of citizen participation that engage communities in developing the future of local service provision, decision-making and democracy. I am interested in the relation of open source digital technologies with social movements, and in the fields of e-participation, e-democracy and Human-Computer interaction.