I am an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Civics at Newcastle University, School of Computing and a co-founder of Open Lab Athens (with Clara Crivellaro and Patrick Olivier). My previous research has involved a set of experiments into participatory methods in digital systems. In general, my work centers on designing novel digital infrastructures for civic participation through novel place-based, participatory and action-led research methods aiming at the development of cooperative decision-making and service provision (i.e. CSCW and PD research and practice).

As part of this research agenda, I am a co-investigator for the H2020 “Generative European Commons Living Lab” (Ge.CO Living Lab), a co-investigator of the EPSRC Digital Economy Research Center (DERC) and of our newly awarded EPSRC Centre for Digital Citizens – Next Stage Digital Economy Centre; while also been the principal investigator of Open Lab Athens for the H2020 “Digital Disruptive Technologies to co-create, co-produce and co-manage Open Public Services” (CO3) project.

I am also a Program Committee member of the ACM CHI conference (here), Participatory Design conference (here) and of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (here).

For more information see Open Lab at Newcastle University, my scholar and Newcastle university profiles