urbanism | board game | participation – cooperation | power relations

The “12 common buildings” is a board game about community infrastructure, abandoned buildings and the dialogue between different stakeholders in the city. The main narrative of the game has as starting point the economic crisis of the last decade which had a great impact on the built environment, leaving without any use 12 buildings of an imaginative neighborhood. Through this board game, the players investigate ways to revive these empty buildings with community uses. Four teams of different stakeholders take actions and claim available spaces in order to develop uses, networks and infrastructure to make more livable the the everyday life of the neighborhood.

The basic aim of the game is to raise awareness on issues related to urbanism and the interconnection of urban planning with the reproduction of community. It challenges participants to re-frame conflicts in the neighborhood level, to think creatively on the unexploited build capacity and to create a common ground for new initiatives to emerge.

The whole design of the game can be provided for re-production by any community interested by contacting us on [email protected].