As a bachelor student, I graduated from the Marketing School of Athens University of Economics and Business. For almost a year I went off the big cities, exploring small-scale agriculture as a volunteer. This hands-on experience on rural life and farming led me to apply for the MSc “Environment and Development of Mountainous Regions” held by the National and Technical University of Athens. Before graduating and as a part of this I went on working in an urban garden (Prinzessinnengärten) of downtown Berlin with the non-profit “The Neighborhood Academy”.

In 2016-2017 I worked with P2P Lab, a research collective based in Greece, on a European Commission supported project called “PHYGITAL”; a 2-year pilot program that seeks to explore how globally designed products could change how we work, produce and consume.

I am interested in the Commons, Digital Learning and the Do-it-yourself/Do-it-ourselves movement.

I just recently started skateboarding and when I am not working I enjoy exploring the world of experimental graphic design and various forms of guerrilla art.

For more information check the Digital Civics program and Open Lab at Newcastle University