The “Glass Room Misinformation Edition” exhibition was presented in Greece between 21-27 of November 2022 in the National Library of Greece in order to help Greek audiences to develop a more critical thinking about technology and its diverse aspects, as well as to acknowledge which personal data we share and with whom.

The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition is a new eye-catching, self-learning installation on data and privacy. Like previous editions of The Glass Room, the Misinformation Edition consists of a series of posters, interactive apps and animations which can be hosted in public or private spaces anywhere in the world. However, it also exists as a freely-accessible virtual experience online – click here to try it out!

The Misinformation Edition has been developed by Tactical Tech in collaboration with a number of European partners: IFLA, FERS, Save the Children Italia, Save the Children Romania, Malta Chamber of Scientists and Science Gallery Dublin, as well as being co-funded by the European Union. The Misinformation Edition is available in more than fifteen languages. It covers topics like mis-, dis- and malinformation, technologic dependency, the rise of deep fakes and understanding how and why misinformation spreads. Another component is the Data Detox Kit, including a new section on misinformation with concrete steps to help you take control of your tech.










The exhibition created by Tactical Tech. The exhibition was adapted in Greek and curated by Open Lab Athens, Homo Digitalis and Digital Detox Experience. Hosted in the National Library of Greece.

Special thanks to Ludd Lab for providing Clouds.