Politics of Participatory Design in Greece: how people participate for/through technology 

Athens and Greece brings a particularly interesting context in relation to the politics of place and designing in ways that wouldn’t conventionally be understood as PD. As such, this PDC place will focus on non-conventional ways of designing together, particularly in relation to solidarity service design and technology appropriation. Practionaires and communities will come together to showcase how they have been designing together (what we could call as PD methods), their opportunities and challenges.


  • List activities related to PD from local expertise of how participation is enacted in practice
  • Challenges of PD in-place – politics at play and ways of designing for/with them
  • Opportunities of PD in Greece – what can Greece/Athens has to offer to expand the world of PD (this year’s focus) especially regarding the themes of “relational commons” and “activating protest against injustice”

The event took place in Panteion university campus in early June and it’s goal was to bring students and university staff closer to Participatory Design. It was one event that will included a keynote speech on PD & Technology, a session with case study presentation and some parallel exhibitions in order to help participants experience PD and PAR methods in action.