kalomathe.gr is an educational platform aiming to support the spreading of the Social & Solidarity Economy in Greece. It was created by initiatives and individuals who are active in the field in Greece.

Initiated by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung In Greece a steering committee has been created and since 2017 works to organize and co-define the initiative’s direction.

As described by the platform’s introductory text the goals of the initiative are the following:

  • Create open and comprehensible educational material for the Social Solidarity Economy in Greek
  • Create an open platform as a public space for exchange of knowledge, know-how, experience and good practices
  • We want this effort to follow a collaborative approach and engage more people and organizations in the future
  • We want to facilitate the dissemination of educational material by using new technologies and methods of remote and mutual education

Role of Open Lab Athens

Open Lab Athens is a member of the steering committee along with other organizations providing educational material, tools and consultancy.