The research team of Open Lab Athens, along with good friends and collaborators, is on-air every first Monday of the month from the digital frequency of The Press Project, with Digital Native. Digital Native is a radio show about emerging technologies and how they affect our lives. This new show aims to open up the discourse about digital technology and make it more accessible to the public, by inviting research teams or organizations which operate in the field. We discuss about themes related to:

  • our privacy in the digital world
  • how technology changes the way we work or have fun in our free time
  • the impacts in everyday life of our cities
  • blockchain
  • artificial intelligent
  • digital fabrication
  • virtual reality etc.

In parallel, the main objective of Digital Native is to communicate all these issues in terms of digital commons and open source community and connect it with cooperativism and social movements. Consequently, our goal is to raise awareness about these themes and delve into new conceptions of how technology could improve our communities.

You can find our radio shows’ archive here. (Greek)