I am currently a Research Associate at Newcastle University working on transformations of collective action and practices of urban commons across the South of Europe; I am also the Co-Investigator of the H2020 “Generative European Commons Living Lab” (Ge.CO Living Lab) at Open Lab Athens. I am also teaching at the Hellenic Open University on social and solidarity economy and I am affiliated with the Centre on Social Movement Studies (COSMOS) at Scuola Normale Superiore (Florence). Trained as a historian at the University of Athens, Ι completed my PhD at Birkbeck College (University of London) and have worked as a research fellow at the European University Institute (Florence) and at the Geography dpt. at Durham University, and as an adjunct lecturer at the dpt. of Sociology, University of Crete.

My aim is to trace the ways communities, inequalities and collective action take shape and interrelate in different contexts and periods of time. In my research I combine on the one hand ethnography and history to study and defamiliarize the present; on the other, I rely on participatory methodologies and especially participatory action-research to relate and engage with communities on the ground and contribute to the design of technologies in a broad sense. Within the context of Open Lab, I explore methodologies and processes of feminist infrastructuring in communities in Athens.